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Be A Switched On Mover!

Moving With Connections

You’re moving. So take all home comforts with you. Light up rooms. Pour hot baths. Make phone calls. Cook delicious food. From the moment you step through your new front door. The trick? moving your utilities.

For every connection there’s a disconnection. That’s moving. Utilities connect you to home comforts. So disconnect your old home. And connect your new. The main utilities you'll me moving include:

  1. Electricity
  2. Gas
  3. Water
  4. Phone
  5. Internet/Broadband
  6. Pay TV
switched on mover

Can’t imagine life without them? Make moving utilities a key part of moving house.

You can transfer or connect new utilities. Most providers can easily transfer your utilities accounts to your new address. Not happy with your provider? Moving is an excellent opportunity to swap.

Don’t Leave Moving Utilities To The Last Minute

Contact your providers at least two weeks before moving. Many can transfer utilities within a week. Others may need longer. Be sure to have set moving dates. So all home comforts await at your new abode.

Some organisations can help you arrange utilities transfer. Like Compare Quotes. Just have moving times, dates and details handy. The rest will be taken care of. Easy.

Avoid Extra Utilities Costs

Complete a final reading of gas, electricity and water meters at your old home. You can do this. Or your utility provider can. Keep a copy of these readings. So you don’t pay extra.

Ensure each utilities provider has your new address. Or a forwarding address. So they can send final invoices. Without a new address, you may incur late fees. Or damaged credit rating. An unhappy end to moving house.

Moving Can Be Stress-free

Simply make utilities a key item on your moving checklist. Or use Compare Quotes Moving Checklist as a guide. This makes moving utilities a breeze. And home comforts yours to enjoy.

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