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Moving Interstate For Uni

Congratulations! You (or your son or daughter) got a place at that prestigious interstate university! It's time to start an exciting new phase of life. But before you start worrying about O-week parties and exams, you'll need to actually get your stuff there. Here is our first-time movers guide to relocating interstate for uni.

Moving Into Residences

University residences and colleges usually provide you with some basic furniture - a bed, desk, set of shelves etc. Check with your residence to see what they do and do not provide.

Given the small size of most dorm rooms, you'll only want to take the essentials - a computer, books, stereo, clothes and a few sentimental items to remind you of home.

Hopefully your parents will hold on to the rest of your stuff, but if not, how about putting it in storage?

Moving for uni

Moving Into A Share House

A share house allows you to live cheaply, but has a lot more space than a dorm room.

You'll usually need to provide all your own furniture, so in most cases you can just shift everything from your room at your parents' place to your new house.

Ask your housemates what shared items (TV, microwave, washing machine, couch etc) they already have, and which ones you can provide.

You'll probably want to save your money for rent and/or beers, so a budget removalist is a good choice when moving into a group house.

Moving In To Your Own Place

If you're lucky enough to have your own apartment while you study interstate, you'll need to think about moving or purchasing several large appliances and pieces of furniture. A fridge, couch, bookshelves, TV and microwave are all necessities for a student's apartment.

Don't forget to organise connection of your electricity, gas, water, phone and broadband a month or so in advance, to ensure you don't spend your first week of uni in the dark.

Compare quotes on interstate removalists to suit any budget.

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