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Million Dollar Moving Questions

What You Should Ask & Know When Choosing Removalists

Hiring removalists means entrusting your precious furniture and belongings to strangers. No wonder moving can be stressful! But choosing the right removalists makes all the difference. Here’s how.

Moving is not cheap. But there are furniture removalists to fit every budget. Collect at least three different removalists’ quotes.

Compare Quotes is an excellent place to start, where all removalists are quality tested. So you compare apples with apples. Compare Quotes gives you flexibility to choose your service level. So even cheap quality-tested removalists are available. And you can compare cheap quotes to find the best deal.

Selecting removalists is an individual choice. You’ll find your perfect fit by exchanging information. Here’s what you’ll need to know.


  1. Preferred moving dates
  2. Is your move local/regional/interstate
  3. What size is your move
  4. Your Insurance cover requirements
  5. Your packing arrangements: self-packing or packaging by removalists
  6. Are you moving valuable or fragile items
  7. Do you have a storage need
moving questions 

    You’ve shared information with your potential furniture removalists. Now it’s their turn. Here are some crucial questions to ask:

    1. Do you subcontract?
    2. Is your quote complete or are there extra charges not included?
    3. What happens to my deposit? Determine whether your deposit is refundable. Clarify payment terms upfront.
    4. What accreditation or industry memberships do you hold? It is wise to choose furniture removalists who at least have Australian Furniture Removals Association [AFRA] membership.
    5. Please outline your liability throughout the move. Some removalists don’t cover you for damage if you’ve self-packed unless they are clearly involved in damaging goods. Know the extent of their liability upfront.
    6. Are you insured? Get the insurance company name and removalists’ policy number. Never choose furniture removalists who lack adequate insurance.
    7. Please provide references. Recommendation and reputation are strong indicators. If previous movers speak of positive experiences, you’ve probably found a good removalist!
    8. Are my belongings kept secure throughout the move? Ensure furniture removalists will secure your belongings from door to door.

    Your removalists can determine your moving experience. So choose wisely. Ensure your precious belongings and furniture are in expert hands.


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