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Relocations With Numbers

Creating A Moving Inventory

Prefer moving house not to be a chaotic event?  It can be a tall order to get your relocation over and know exactly what each moving box contains.  Not to mention where the contents are supposed to go.

Use this article to help create a moving inventory.  It's the best way of organising your relocation, from

packing moving boxes, to relocating furniture and managing the removalists' vehicles.

A relocation inventory is cheap, effective, and saves big headaches when moving house.

Beginning Your Relocation Inventory

Firstly, break your house down into rooms. Note and record what each room contains and items you want to keep together.  Each room should be allocated a location number.

Consider if furniture and boxes be separated during you relocation? Prioritise by grouping objects or furniture according to size, weight and use frequency.

relocation inventory 

Numbering & Labelling

Anything that can move will be moved, so number everything to be relocation ready.  Easy peel labels are great for this purpose (your removalist may even use barcodes).

Every moving box, furniture piece or loose object should be labelled with its location and item number. Be sure to record this detail and avoid damage by labelling the back.

Things that came from the same piece of furniture should stay together, and be labelled accordingly.  When your relocation is complete, ticking off the inventory and unpacking should be straight forward.

Packing For Your Relocation

Always pack the least essential items first. You’ll want your kettle and toaster soon after the relocation, so a kitchen-essentials box is a good idea.

Record each item as it goes into the moving box (it pays to be meticulous here).  And label the moving box with a location and item number.

Make copies of your relocation inventory.  Keep one for yourself and put one in each moving box.  That way you’ll have easy access to the inventory when you unpack.

Try and keep moving boxes that belong to the same room together during your relocation. If you can keep them in the same removalist vehicle ... even better. Moving house is always easier if you move rooms together.

If you plan to relocate fragile items or objects of high value (monetary or sentimental) moving them in your own vehicle may give you peace of mind.  But don't forget to number and label them for your relocation inventory too!

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