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Four-legged Movers

Relocations & Moving House With Pets

As stressful as moving is for you, remember your pets.  The commotion and confusion of a relocation gets animals flustered too.

Some four legged movers are territorial.  So it takes them time to come to terms with a move. Others simply pick up on your moving stress ... and behave like you.

It’s best to give pets the simplest, most relaxed relocation journey. So how can you do that?

Get Someone To Help

If you plan your relocation over a few days, try to find a friend to care for pets temporarily.  This works well if your pets knows someone who’s minded them before.  Or at least chose a person familiar with animal care.

Your pet might be a little confused about moving house.  But the social environment and stimulation will keep them busy until you can relocate them to your new home.


Pet Accommodation


A cattery or animal boarding house for is another option. These vary cost-wise according to size and facilities.  But they are a cheap and convenient alternative during a busy relocation. Your pet will enjoy the attention of experienced people, and you can be sure they’ll be happy to see you when you’re ready to move them in at home.  Your removalist may be able to recommend somewhere reliable.  Particularly if you're relocating a long distance away or moving interstate.

 pet relocation

A Safe & Relaxed Relocation

To avoid injury to you, the movers or animals, keep your pets safely away from the furniture removalists and  right away from moving items.  The laundry or the garden may be options.  A pet transport cage is also a good idea.

Give them plenty of reassurance as things relocate around them.  And try to move them only once so they don’t worry too much.

Pets should travel with a professional pet transporter.  Of with you in the car.  Ideally on long relocation trips use blankets to simulate night and maintain your pet's sleep patterns. 

Helping Pets Settle In

There's plenty of old wives tales about moving house with pets.  You know, put butter on their paws and so on.  But nothing will ease the anxiety of a relocation better than love, care and attention.

For the first few days, try and keep to your new home and its grounds.  When you do venture out, be aware your pet may become territorial and take stock of other neighbourhood animals.

A relocation is stressful for everyone, especially furred and feathered family members. Animals don’t really understand the idea of moving house, so try to make their relocation as easy as possible.

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