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Moving Survival Guide

What Comes First In The Move ...

Moving house can be a hectic business. And obviously you don’t want a move to take everything out of you! This moving survival guide covers simple measures to help you be a relocation survivor!

Plan Moving House Ahead

Give yourself plenty of lee way ahead of your relocation. Have a big pre-moving house clean-up and garage sale or giveaway. That way there’ll be a whole lot less furniture and other goods to moving house with you.

Planning is the key to surviving a house move. As soon as you’ve selected the date for your relocation, begin organising:


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  2. Vehicle freight or car transport
 moving survivors

You’ll also need to consider what happens for children and pets moving house with you.

Investigate options for moving household connections like phone, electricity and gas well in advance.

Especially when moving interstate, book accommodation for several days.  This can even be a good idea for moving locally.

And above all ... build in a generous time contingency.

Organise The Furniture & Goods Moving House

When you arrive after moving house, you’ll want to be able to access things at the drop of a hat.  A relocation inventory is a great idea to help with that.

If you’re packing yourself, start a long way ahead.  You’ll be surprised how quickly moving day comes around.  Order and label moving boxes and furniture to make things easier at the other end.

Remember what goes on the truck last comes off first.  So, if you can’t live without your home computer, make sure it’s one of the last things the removalist picks up.  But don’t forget essentials like you kettle and toaster ... having those close at hand can be a life-saver.  Cutlery is crucial for a basic working kitchen, particularly one good knife.

When moving house, sleeping arrangements are pretty important too.  Avoid getting stuck sleeping on the floor (or worse, in the car) by asking your removalists to make bed transport a priority.

Organise The People Moving House

If you’ve made arrangements for children, drop them off as early as possible.  This gives you extra time for last minute house moving tasks.

Get plenty of sleep the day ahead of your move.  Moving house is a big enough undertaking without being exhausted to boot.

Prioritise what you take with you similar to being on holiday. Clothes, toiletries, and any valuables should be first on the list.  Use suitcases for these items as a cheap alternative to moving boxes. Even if you’re living out of it for a few days after moving house, you’ll still have everything when you need it.

On the whole, make sure you have food, clothes, and commonly used items with you.  Everything else that makes your house a home will fall into place with time.

Celebrate Your Moving Survival Skills

When you’ve got the bulk of the house move over CELEBRATE!  Tell each other what a great job you all did, go out to dinner or pop some bubbly.  Moving house is one of life’s most stressful events.  So acknowledge your moving survival skills ... and the people who achieved that with you.

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