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Spot The Difference!

Variations Between Removalists

Spoilt for choice? There are many removalists out there. But not all are created equal. Amongst the many is the perfect ‘one’ for you. Different from the rest of the furniture movers ... in all the best ways. Here’s how to spot the removalist for you.


Removalists differ in:
  1. furniture moving services
  2. packing & transport costs
  3. terms & conditions
  4. removalist specialities
  5. removal vehicles, equipment & personnel
  6. furniture & valuables transit insurance

Let’s take a closer look.

 removalist differences


Furniture Moving Services

Furniture, relocation and moving services take many forms. From a full-service relocation package including pre removal cleaning, professional packing, pet transfer, furniture storage etc. Right down to a basic move from one destination to another.

Some removalists do it all. Others simply do what must be done. Select a moving package that matches your move and your needs.


Packing & Transport Costs

Cheap. Moderate. Deluxe. Moving quotes certainly don’t always add up to the same total!

Comparing quotes can save you money but do be sure to compare similar services. Three different quotes for the same moving package is ideal.

You can obtain moving quotes quickly and easily at Compare Quotes. Simply choose your desired level of service. Then compare quotes!

Terms & Conditions

These include your removalist’s requirements, what relocation services are agreed and at payment arrangements. These can vary in many ways, so be clear about your:

  1. Expectations
  2. Packing requirements
  3. Preferred Payment

Watch out for exceptions and hidden or additional charges. And if you aren't sure or comfortable, ask your removalist to explain.  Compare each relocation quote to find the most comfortable fit for you.

Removalist Specialities

Moving house. Moving office. Moving interstate. Moving locally. Moving anywhere! Different removalists specialise in different types of moves. 

Not only that, you might need a specialist removal for particular items.  What about that grand piano or oversize fish tank.  Do you trust that to just any removalist?

So whatever your move, get a specialist on the job. All removalists listed by Compare Quotes have been quality tested. So you know they’re experts in their moving field.

Removal Vehicles, Equipment & Personnel

Vehicles are a key moving tool.  So are the equipment and people they use.

Some removalists have a simple moving van. Others have a customised removals truck fleet.

When it comes to doing the job well, you can't go past trained and qualified moving staff.  Especially when they're properly equipped. 

Be sure about what packing and protection is provided for your furniture on board the transport vehicle too.

So before you decide on a removalist, determine your move’s features. Size. Goods. Requirements. Budget. Ensure your furniture mover has the right vehicle, equipment and people for the job.

Furniture & Valuables Transit Insurance

Insurance cover varies between removalists. Some removals insurance only covers furniture and goods packed by the removalist. Or while in transit. Or against fire, flood or accident. Compare insurance cover between removalists. Find which offers best value for money. And most complete cover.

When you trust removalists with your furniture and belongings – you trust them with your heart. Spotting differences early will help you avoid the heartbreakers. And find that special someone who makes all the right moves!

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