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Items That Need Special Removalist Treatment

We all have the basics that feature on the removalists’ itinerary: boxes, chairs, tables, bookshelves. Normal furniture is familiar to your removalist, and won’t cause any trouble. But there’s often one item that requires a removalist with a gentle hand to transport. Things like:

  1. pianos
  2. aquariums
  3. antique furniture
  4. ornate decorations
 removalists special items

Not only do these have a sentimental value, but they’re not cheap to fix either. This article will give you some tips on how to handle your most precious pieces.

Chat With Your Removalist About Special Items

It’s critical to speak to your removalist about all your delicate pieces. They don’t want any surprises when it comes to the day of the move. And you don’t want any surprises when you see the invoice. Make sure your removalists’ quote includes the transport of special items, and make sure your removalist is comfortable and qualified to move it. If not, your removalist may be able to recommend a special moving service for unique objects. If you’re not sure, contact your removalist to ensure the quote includes everything you have. Let the removalists know if you have any concerns about your furniture.

Investigate Your Removalists' Insurance

You might also like to get extra insurance on these items for the relocation, or make sure your home and contents insurance covers a move. This should be in addition to any insurance quoted by your removalist, and offers you great peace of mind.

Use A Specialist Removal Contractor

Aquariums and delicate machinery or technology can often be transported by specialist removalist companies. Aquariums in particular are heat-sensitive, so you’ll need a vehicle that stays warm, cool, or can otherwise ensure the temperature stays constant. Machinery is often fragile, and wires can be knocked out of place, so a specialised removalist can be a big help. This will not be cheap, but it’s the best way to keep your most precious and expensive items safe during a rough period.

Packing Unique Items For A Move

Some items, like chandeliers, need to be completely disassembled and packed individually for transport. It might be tempting to leave pieces attached, but it is very important that crystal is packed safely. So if you do it yourself, pack it tightly in its own box and label it clearly. That way your removalists know exactly what they’re handling.

Remember, it’s your pride and joy, so keep it in safe hands. Use a quality tested removalist.

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