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With careful planning and a little time, moving house can be smooth as silk. Use our handy hints to give you some survival skills to make an easy transition from your old home to your new.

furniture removals tips

  1. Compile a thorough checklist of things to do. Why not use our Moving Checklist?
  2. Have an advance plan for placement of your furniture in your new home.
  3. Take out insurance to cover your home contents while in transit.
  4. Begin packing early.
  5. Keep a notebook recording all items in each box, including those inevitable ‘catch all’ boxes.
  6. Pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes.
  7. Pack the least orderly areas first (eg. wardrobes, garage).
  8. Mark each box with designated room, contents and handling instructions.
  9. Fill each box completely to avoid crushing when stacked.
  10. Designate a room with low people traffic to store your boxes as you pack.
  11. Dismantle large furniture, taping on any nuts/bolts in a plastic bag.
  12. Seek removal advice of the manufacturers of your ‘white goods’ (eg. fridge, washing machine)
  13. Use cardboard to wrap large mirrors and pictures.
  14. Tape and seal all fluids (eg. cleaning liquids).
  15. Tape gardening tools together for ease of handling.
  16. Empty all flammable liquids from tools.
  17. Wrap all breakables individually.
  18. Don’t pack valuables, passports or jewellery. Keep these with you until you reach your new home.
  19. Sell or give away everything you no longer require as these items will only clutter your new home.
  20. Pack a ‘moving‐in’ box containing tea, coffee, teaspoons, t‐towel, mugs, sugar, kettle etc.
  21. If you have pets, leave them with a friend on moving day. Moving can be a stressful time for pets and you don’t want them to go missing during your house move.
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