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Send Relocation Woes Packing

Packing your life into cartons is one of the most monumental tasks when moving house. It is much more than simply packing boxes. At a glance you need to tell which cartons are carrying your furniture and which, your footwear. Not easy if there's no strategy behind your packing! So if you're a brave DIY packer - 'plan it before you pack it!' This is your key to a smooth relocation. Here's how you do it.

Never Put The Cartons Before The Horse

Packing is one of those things you just want to go away! So it is tempting to dive straight in and strike this off your relocation tasklist. But some simple groundwork can save you oodles of time and stress.

strategic packing

Moving house is the perfect chance to de-clutter. Audit your belongings before anything hits the moving cartons and clear out any excess items. Why waste valuable packing energy and space on these!

Now you know what you're dealing with, it is time to plan your pack:

  1. Create a room-by-room packing checklist
  2. Identify fragile items
  3. Calculate packing material/space requirements
  4. Ensure all cartons can be carried by one person
  5. Arrange insurance
  6. Keep personal documents in your wallet
  7. Put aside essentials you'll need immediately at your new abode

Lead The 'Pack'

Now you're ready to begin the pack itself. Start at the top of your home and work down room by room. Why not use a colour-coded packing system by labeling cartons from each room with a different shade. You can do the same for fragile items. This will help you identify what is where throughout your move. Not to mention making unpacking much easier at your new home. You should also:

  1. Keep a written packing inventory
  2. Pack items you don't need daily before those you do
  3. Use moving van space to your best advantage
  4. Clearly label every box
  5. Unpack cartons and furniture into their correct rooms at your new home
  6. Unpack important items first, including as clothing and toiletries

Don't risk 'relocation rage' due to lost or impossible-to-find-quickly belongings! Strategic packing and carefully labeled cartons are aces up your sleeve when moving house.

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